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Studying at university and TAFE

Taking part in higher education can be hard.

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But there is support available if you need it.

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Most universities and TAFEs have support programs and services to help people with disability.

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They include:

  • 1-on-1 teaching support
  • private rooms to study
  • counselling and psychology services where you can:
    • talk to someone about how you think and feel
    • find out ways to help you feel better
  • healthcare services
  • housing for students.

You have the right to get support to help you study.

2 women looking at a booklet together

If you ask for support and don’t get it, you can talk to an advocate – someone helps you to speak up for yourself.

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Most universities also have groups that are:

  • run by students with disability
  • for students with disability.
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These groups are a good way to:

  • connect with other students with disability
  • get support.
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Download the WWDA Easy English Book: Your Right to Learn to learn more about studying at university of TAFE.


You can also search for a university or TAFE on the Good Universities Guide website.

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