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Support to pay for your study

You might be able to get money from the government to support your study at university or TAFE.


For example, you can apply for a Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) loan.

A HELP loan is money you borrow from the government to pay for your course.

You need to pay the government back when you are earning enough money.

A loan document

You can apply for a HELP loan through your university or TAFE.

University with a loan document

Many people with disability can also study at TAFE for free.

Money symbol with a cross next to it

The government may be able to support you in other ways while you are studying.

For example, you can apply for funding to help pay for other things like:

  • rent
  • bills
  • food.
2 women holding a piece of paper, with a funding document next to them

Learn more about support from the government on the:

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