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Different types of hobbies

You could try a hobby in the arts

The arts include activities like:

  • painting
  • drawing
  • photography
  • singing
  • playing an instrument
  • acting.
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Arts Access Australia is an organisation that supports people with disability to take part in the arts.

Learn more on the Arts Access Australia website.

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You could also try playing a sport as a hobby.

Playing a sport is a good way to:

  • be fit and healthy
  • meet people in your community.

Examples of sports include:

  • dancing
Woman dancing
  • soccer
Soccer ball
  • swimming
Person Swimming
  • yoga
Woman doing yoga.
  • karate.
Woman doing karate

There are also lots of sports that can be adapted to people with disability.

When you adapt something, you change it to suit what a person needs.

A woman with 1 hand in the air and the other pointing to herself. There is a change symbol next to her

For example, basketball has been adapted for people with disability who use wheelchairs.

This is called wheelchair basketball.

A woman in a wheelchair playing basketball

There are lots of events and competitions for people with disability, such as the international Paralympic games.

You can learn more at the Paralympics website.

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Disability Sports Australia (DSA) is an organisation that supports people with disability to play sport.

Learn more at the DSA website.

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