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Finding a new hobby

If you aren’t sure what hobby you want to do, you could try a few different things like:

  • joining a community group
  • going to a class
  • going online to take part in activities.

You could also find activities and events at:

  • your local community centre
  • your local council
  • websites like Facebook.
4 women with disability

If you find an activity or event you want to take part in, but it isn’t accessible, you have the right to ask for changes so that you can take part.

A woman with 1 hand in the air and the other pointing to herself. There is a rights symbol and a change symbol next to her

When something is accessible, everyone can use it.

This might be:

  • a place or a building
  • transport
  • a service
  • information
  • a website.
Accessible transport, building, information and website.

Your new hobby should be in an accessible venue.

A building with an accessible icon next to it

An accessible venue means it:

  • has a ramp into the building
  • is set up for someone to bring their assistance animal, like a guide dog for people who are vision impaired
  • has accessible car parking
  • has an accessible entry, like automatic doors
  • has accessible toilets.
A woman in a wheelchair using a ramp. There is an accessible icon and an accessible toilet next to her

In Australia there are lots of accessible sporting venues if you want to take part in a sport.

You can contact your local council to find out about accessible sporting venues in your area.

Accessible icon

Other ways your hobby can be accessible include:

  • using a private space
  • organising a quiet place where people can go if the event is too loud
  • giving people accessible information about the hobby.For example, giving people Easy Read membership forms.
  • holding it at a good time.For example, not having the event too late at night when there isn’t as much public transport.
A building with an information icon, an accessible icon and a clock
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