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Contacting your local council

If there is an issue in your community, you can talk to your local council.

You can ask them to fix it by:

  • writing to them
  • phoning them
  • going to the council office
  • going to your local council meeting.
A woman talking on the phone

Local council meetings are:

  • open to everyone
  • held every month.
5 people in a meeting with a calendar next to them

Find your local council on the List of Australian Councils website.

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You can also use the Snap Send Solve App.

You can download this app onto your smartphone or tablet.

Then you can send photos to your council of issues that need fixing.

The photos could include:

  • broken streetlights
  • public toilets that aren’t accessible.
A smartphone with the download symbol on it

When something is accessible, everyone can use it.

This might be:

  • a place or a building
  • transport
  • a service
  • information
  • a website.
Accessible transport, building, information and website.

Learn more and download the app on the Snap Send Solve App website.

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