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Politics in Australia

In Australia, we have 3 levels of government:

  • federal government
Federal government building
  • state government
State government building
  • local government.
Local government building

Each level of government is made up of elected representatives.

5 people standing together. 1 woman has 1 one hand in the air and her other hand is pointing at herself

Elected representatives are the people we vote for.

When you vote, you are helping to choose who runs our country.

A person voting

Elected representatives make decisions about:

  • policies – government plans for how things will be done
  • laws.
Policy and law documents

Activism is when people do things that aim to change things in:

  • politics
  • their community.

For example, you can:

  • take part in a protest
  • sign a petition – a document that people sign to ask for something to change
  • talk to your elected representative
  • share information on social media.
A woman holding a sign with a change symbol on it
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