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Managing your money

Financial independence is when you:

  • have your own money
  • make your own decisions about how to use your money.

To be financially independent, you need to know how to manage your money.

A woman pointing to herself with some money next to her

To do this you can make a budget.

When you make a budget, you work out:

  • how much money you earn
  • how much you need to spend on things like:
    • rent
    • bills
    • food.
A woman looking at her wallet. There is a symbol for rent, a bill and some groceries next to her

If you need help managing your money, you can go to the Money Smart website.

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The Money Smart website was made by the Australian Government.

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It has lots of helpful information, including:

  • using bank accounts
  • how to make a budget
  • how to manage any debts.
Symbols for a budget, savings and debt

You can also talk to a financial counsellor.

A financial counsellor can help you manage your money if you are having a hard time.

A financial counsellor

You can learn about how a financial counsellor can help using the Financial Counselling Australia – Easy Read GuideĀ 

You can find a free financial counsellor at the National Debt Helpline website.

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