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Support from the government

You might be able to get financial support from the government if you:

  • are going through a hard time
  • have a disability
  • are a carer
  • are a parent
  • are studying
  • are an older person.
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These supports include:

  • Disability Support Pension supports people with disability who can’t work
  • Age Pension – supports people over 65 years old
  • Carer Payment – supports people who care for someone, like a person with disability
  • Health Care Card – helps people pay for healthcare when they don’t earn much money
  • Jobseeker – supports people who are looking for a job
  • Parenting Payment – supports parents and other people who care for children
  • ABSTUDY – supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to study
  • Austudy – supports people over 25 years old to study
  • Youth Allowance – supports people between 16–24 years old to study.
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Learn more about all of these and other payments on the Australian Government’s Services Australia website.

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If you need a support person, you might also be able to get a Companion Card.

A companion card lets you take a support worker to an event or other activities for free.

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Learn more on the Companion Card website.

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