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Managing a Plan

In your plan meeting you will talk about how you will manage your plan. 

There are 3 different ways to manage your plan: 

1. Self-Managed

You manage your own plan 

A woman with her hand up.

2. Plan managed

A service provider manages your plan for you.

Woman helping another woman find a job. There is a briefcase and magnifying glass above them.

3. NDIS managed

People who run the NDIS manage your plan for you. 

A person wearing a purple uniform with her hand up. There is a sign above her reading 'NDIS.'

Part of managing your plan includes managing your budget.

Your NDIS budget is how much funding the NDIS gives you for your plan. 

Purple rectangle with text 'NDIS Budget' and a dollar sign.

There are 3 different types of budgets that can help you reach your goals. 

Woman holding a clipboard. She is holding a list with 3 things on it

1. The Core Budget

The Core Budget is for everyday supports, like: 

  • cleaning 
  • support to help you shop. 
Two people shopping in a supermarket.

2. The Capacity Building Budget

The Capacity Building Budget is for supports and services that help you develop skills to: 

  • do things on your own 
  • manage everyday life. 
2 women looking at a booklet together

This budget can pay for things like: 

  • cooking classes 
  • appointments with professionals, like people who help you move and use your body to get tasks done. 
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3. The Capital Supports Budget

The Capital Supports Budget is for equipment or things in your home that cost lots of money.


This can be things like a computer with a screen reader.

A computer with screen reader technology
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