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What Information do you need to apply for the NDIS?

You will need to prepare lots of information before you apply for the NDIS.

You need personal information when you apply for the NDIS, like your: 

  • name 
  • address 
  • email 
  • phone number. 
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You need to say if you want the NDIS to share your information with:

  • your family 
A mother, a father and a child
  • your health care workers
  • your support workers
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  • government services you use, like Medicare. 
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You need information about: 

  • your disability 

Woman pointing at herself with her other hand rasied
  • your age

Two people side by side. One is much younger the other. Above them is an icon representing disability and an arrow pointing diagonally up.
  • being an Australian citizen.
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