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What is the NDIS?

The NDIS is a way to support Australians with disability. 

Participants are people with disability who take part in the NDIS. 

Group of people waving.

You can apply for the NDIS in any Australian state or territory. 

Map of Australia with ticks representing each state and territory.

The NDIS pays for the supports and services people with disability need. 

We call this funding. 

Document with heading text: Funding and dollar sign.

NDIS funding doesn’t pay for everyday costs, like your: 

  • food 
  • rent 
  • bills. 
A woman looking at her wallet. There is a symbol for rent, a bill and some groceries next to her

Participants can choose: 

  • what services you spend your funding on 
  • how you get your supports 
  • which service providers you want to use. 
A woman thinking

Service providers offer supports and services to participants. 

3 women, 1 woman with 1 hand in the air and the other pointing to herself

A provider can be an: 

  • individual 
  • organisation. 
A woman with disability choosing between 2 support workers
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