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What Supports are Available?

You can get lots of different supports from the NDIS. 

You can get supports: 

  • in your home, like help with cleaning 
  • for your day-to-day life. 
Two women in a lounge room. One is vacuuming and one is sitting on a couch.

You can get supports for: 

  • your health and wellbeing, like seeing a counsellor
Two women sitting across from each other on arm chairs talking.
  • transport, like help to go places 
A woman using a wheelchair getting pushed into the back of a taxi.
  • learning, like having a support worker help you at school or university 
Two young women sitting together at a school desk smiling.
  • finding a job and working, like support to help you work. 
One woman sitting at a laptop. The other is leaning over her shoulder helping.

You can get supports for assistive technology. 

Assistive technology can: 

  • make it easier to do things 
  • help you communicate.
A computer with a screen reader.

Assistive technology might be: 

  • an aid or piece of equipment, like a hearing aid 


A woman having a hearing aid put in.
  • a system to use, like a screen reader program.
A woman using a computer.
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