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Who can apply for the NDIS?

It is important that women and girls with disability apply for the NDIS. 

You can apply for the NDIS if you: 

  • have a disability that will last your whole life 
Two people side by side. One is much younger the other. Above them is an icon representing disability and an arrow pointing diagonally up.
  • are under 65 years old 
A woman with her hand up. Beside her is the number '65' and an arrow pointing down.
  • live in Australia 
Map of Australia.
  • are an Australian citizen. 

A citizen is someone who is given the rights and freedoms of the country where they live. 

Document with text: 'Citizen'

Your rights are: 

  • rules about how you can expect to be treated 
  • the freedoms you have that the law protects. 
An icon of a woman wearing a red blazer with a scroll above her with the title on it: 'Rights'

You can also apply for the NDIS if you are on a visa. 


A VISA card.

A visa is a document that says you can go to another country for a certain amount of time.

This might be to: 

  • travel 
  • work 
  • live. 
An icon of Australia with a plane and a VISA document.
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