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10 facts

We explain 10 important facts about violence below.

Fact 1: Everyone has the right to live without violence.

If you are experiencing violence, you have the right to tell someone and get help.

Violence symbol with a cross over it

Fact 2: Domestic violence is any violence that happens in the family or home.

Many people with disability experience violence from:

  • girlfriends and boyfriends
  • wives and husbands
  • family members
  • carers
  • support people.
A house with a violence symbol over it

Fact 3: Anger doesn’t always mean someone will be violent.

Being angry is never a good reason to be violent.

A man who has his arms crossed and looks angry. There is a violence symbol with a cross over it next to him

Fact 4: Women experience more violence than men.

If a man experiences violence, it’s usually from another man.

A woman with disability. She has one hand in the air and the other is pointing at herself

Fact 5: Sexist jokes are never OK.

Sexism is a type of discrimination because of your gender.

Discrimination is when someone treats you badly because you are different.

Sexism usually happens to women.

It’s never OK to make a sexist joke.

2 men standing together joking. 1 man is pointing at a woman who looks upset

Fact 6: It is never a woman’s fault if sexual violence happens when she is drunk.

If you are drunk, you can’t give consent.

When you give your consent, you say it is OK for someone to do something.

A woman with alcohol next to her. She is drunk

Fact 7: Violence can happen anywhere.

Violence can happen at any time, including during the day and in:

  • homes
  • public places.
A group of buildings showing the community and a house. There is a violence symbol next to the buildings

Fact 8: Saying no always means no.

If someone doesn’t say anything you need to check with them what they want.

A woman shaking her finger to say no

Fact 9: Most children who have experienced violence won’t be violent to others when they grow up.

A boy pointing to himself. There is a violence symbol with a cross over it next to him

Fact 10: Women have the right to make their own decisions about all parts of their lives.

A woman with 1 hand raised. There is a rights document next to her
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