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When you call a support service

It’s normal to feel nervous or worried about contacting a support service.

A woman talking on the phone. She looks nervous

When you contact a support service, the support person will ask 3 questions.

They will ask:

  • are you safe right now?
  • what’s happening to you?
  • what do you want to do next?
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Are you safe right now?

This is the first question the support person will ask you.

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If you are not safe right now, the support service will tell you to call 000 right away.

A phone with 000 next to it and the symbol for police

What is happening to you?

If you are safe right now, the support person can help you.

They will ask what is happening to you.

You only have to share the information you want to.

A woman talking on the phone. There is a question mark next to her

What do you want to do next?

After you have told the support person what’s happening to you, they can help you work out what to do next.

They will give you choices, like:

  • going to the police
  • talking to a counsellor – someone you can talk to about how you feel
  • finding an advocate – someone who can help you speak up about a problem.

You can ask as many questions as you like.

A montage of 3 icons including a police officer, a woman who looks upset being comforted by another woman, and an advocate

Learn more about what happens when you call for help on the 1800RESPECT: Help and Support web page.

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