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What is a relationship?

A relationship is a close connection between 2 or more people.

There are different types of relationships.

For example, relationships you have with:

  • your family
  • your friends
  • people you work with.
A couple standing together. The man has his arm around the woman

But when we talk about relationships, we usually mean romantic relationships.

Romantic relationships can be between:

  • husbands
  • wives
  • girlfriends
  • boyfriends.
A couple with their arms around each other. There is a heart icon next to them

Every romantic relationship is different for
different couples.

For example, there are:

  • monogamous relationships – between 2 people
  • polyamorous relationships – between 3 or more people
  • open relationships – between 2 people, but they also have sex with other people
  • casual sex relationships – when people have sex with each other but are not in a committed relationship.
A couple with a heart above them and 3 people with a heart above them
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