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Anyone can make a submission to the Disability Royal Commission.

You might be a:

  • person with disability
  • family member of a person with disability
  • friend of a person with disability
  • carer of a person with disability
  • support worker or other person who works with people with disability.
A man with disability with his support worker

You can make a submission in:

  • writing
  • a video
  • an audio recording.

You can make your submission in any language.

A video camera, a pencil and paper, and a microphone

You can make a submission on the Disability Royal Commission website.

Submission form document

After you send your submission, the Commissioners will look at it.

Your submission might be used to help them write their reports.

A woman reading a document

Your personal information won’t be in the report unless you say it’s OK.

If you want your information kept private, the Disability Royal Commission will protect it.

After the Disability Royal Commission ends, the Australian Government will decide what happens to your personal information.

A woman with her thumbs up. There is a document with an information icon and a lock icon next to it

If you are worried about this, you can ask for a private session.

A private session will be with a Commissioner.

Anything you say in a private session will be kept private, even after the Disability Royal Commission ends.

Two women talking. Between them is a lock

Learn more about private submissions on the Disability Royal Commission website.

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