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There is a lot of support available to help you take part in the Disability Royal Commission.

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Legal support

You can get free legal support from the Your Story Disability Legal Support Service.

They can help you:

  • understand your legal rights
  • get your submission ready
  • find out if you can get financial support for your own lawyer.
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Learn more about the legal support from Your Story Disability Legal Support:

Phone: 1800 771 800

Online: Your Story: Disability Legal Support website.

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Financial support

If you are using your own lawyer for the Disability Royal Commission, you might be able to get financial support to pay their fees.

You can contact the Financial Assistance Section for more information.

Phone: 1800 117 995

If you use textphone or modem, call the National Relay Service.

Phone: 133 677

Give them the number (02) 6141 4770.

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Advocacy support

You can get free advocacy support from the National Disability Advocacy Program.

Advocacy is when someone helps you to speak up for yourself.

The advocacy services can:

  • give you advice about how to take part in the Disability Royal Commission
  • help you write a submission
  • protect your rights
  • help you with any other support you need.
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You can contact the Disability Royal Commission to find out more.

Phone: 1800 517 199


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You can get help to find an advocate on the Disability Advocacy Finder website.

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