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10 facts

We explain 10 important facts about sex and people’s bodies below.

Fact 1: People with disability enjoy sex like everyone else.

A woman with disability and a man standing next to each other. The man has his arm around the woman. There is a heart next to them and they are both smiling

Fact 2: Most women won’t gain weight when they use the Contraceptive Pill.

The contraceptive pill and a scale

Fact 3: You can’t get an STI from a toilet seat.

A toilet with germs on the seat

Fact 4: People in wheelchairs can still have sex.

A woman in a wheelchair with her thumbs up

Fact 5: It is safe to have sex on your period.

Most women won’t get pregnant if they have sex on their period. But it is still possible.

A calendar with blood and a heart with a tick

Fact 6: Having some fluid come from your vagina is normal.

As long as the fluid is clear and:

  • not clumpy
  • not a different colour
  • not uncomfortable
  • doesn’t have a bad smell.
A pair of underwear with fluid on it

Fact 7: You can’t tell what someone’s sexuality is just by the way they:

  • look
  • talk
  • act.
A woman pointing to herself

Fact 8: Women who are lesbian don’t always act like men.

A woman thinking about a man with a cross over him

Fact 9: If a woman dresses up to look ‘sexy’ it doesn’t always mean she wants to have sex.

A woman must give her consent to have sex.

When you give your consent, you say it is OK for someone to do something.

A woman wearing a short dress and high heels

Fact 10: Not everyone in a relationship is having sex.

A couple with a heart and a question mark next to them
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