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Ovulation and fertility

There is a time of the month when you can get pregnant more easily than other times.

This is called ovulation.

Ovulation usually happens 2 weeks before you get your period.

An image showing ovulation

Fertility is a woman’s ability to get pregnant.

Women who are having trouble getting pregnant can try fertility treatments.

A woman thinking about pregnancy

There are different fertility treatments, including:

  • artificial insemination – when a male’s sperm is put into a woman’s uterus to make her pregnant
  • In Vitro Fertilisation – when a sperm and egg are joined together outside
    the body and then put into the woman’s body to make her pregnant
  • ovulation induction – when a woman takes medicine to help grow more eggs inside her body.
Sperm and eggs

Learn more about fertility on the Your Fertility website.

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