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If you become pregnant you have three choices.

A woman holding a clipboard with 3 choices on it

1. You can become a parent

This means you go through with the pregnancy and keep the baby.

You should think about:

  • where you will live
  • how you will pay for the baby
  • if you need any support.
A woman holding a baby

2. You can have an abortion

An abortion stops your pregnancy.

An abortion is a small surgery that takes the embryo or foetus out of your uterus.

An embryo or foetus are the very early stages of a baby.

You need to talk to your doctor to have an abortion.

There are also different rules about getting an abortion for where you live.

Learn more about abortion on the Marie Stopes website.

A pregnant woman with a cross over her belly

3. You can give the baby up for adoption

Adoption is when parents decide to give their baby to a different family.

This is usually done through an adoption agency.

It can be very hard to adopt a child.

Learn more about adoption on the Adopt Change website.

A baby being handed over

Download the WWDA Easy English Book: You Are Pregnant – What Can You Do? to learn more about your choices when you are pregnant.

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