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If you are over 50, you should get a breast screening every 2 years.

A breast screening is also called a mammogram.

A woman standing with a screen over 1 breast

A mammogram is an x-ray to check for signs of cancer.

During the test, each breast is squeezed between 2 plates.

You will need to stay still for about 10–15 seconds while the doctor takes an x-ray.

Women between 50 and 74 years old can get a free mammogram through Breast Screen Australia.

A woman having a mammogram

You can find out how on the Breast Screen Australia website.

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If you can’t have a mammogram, you might be able to have an ultrasound.

An ultrasound is a test that can look inside your body.

You will usually find out the mammogram or ultrasound results in a few weeks.

An ultrasound machine

Download the Being a Healthy Woman: Breast Health fact sheet (PDF) to learn more about breast screening.

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