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How can you stop the spread?

Ways you can help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Woman with her hand out signaling "stop".

To help stop the spread of coronavirus, you must:

  • wash your hands with soap and water many times during the day, especially:
    • after you cough or sneeze
    • before and after you eat
    • after you use the toilet
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  • try not to touch your face
Woman touching her face with cross next to her.
  • sneeze or cough into a tissue or your bent elbow
woman sneezing into tissue
  • stay away from big crowds
Large group of people with a cross.
  • keep space between you and other people
Two woman standing apart from each other
  • stay at home if you feel sick
Woman pointing at herself with her hand raised. There is a house icon behind her.
  • call the doctor if you don’t feel well
Teenage girl talking on the phone.
  • get the COVID-19 vaccine when you can. Find out more on our page about the Coronavirus vaccine
a syringe and vaccine bottle
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